Assignment One

Click below to see the feedback received for Part One – Line:

Feedback – Part One (PDF)


3 thoughts on “Assignment One”

  1. I can’t get your pdf to open? I’ll try again on different gadget tomorrow and let you know. Assuming in the meantime that it’s positive and encouraging.


    1. Eek – not sure why that would be. I’ve tested it on 2 devices, so it should work. I’ve not had a chance to properly write up my thoughts regarding the feedback yet, but overall – yes, positive, encouraging and a few interesting points to look at.


  2. Success – it opened on my netbook! She’s given you some good lines to follow up and I’m glad she has mentioned your fully apparent skills with drawing. What’s a little confusing is the blog/not blog contradictions. I hope you find the way that works best for you.


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