Part Two: Collage



3 thoughts on “Part Two: Collage”

  1. You touch upon something really difficult – the amount of on-line presence. I initially thought I would log all online… so would save postage and as you say have a copy and at that even more reflected (I am really chaotic – so writing helps me gather my thoughts. But along the course I have had my doubts…I have personally decided to proceed as I do for this course. And then perhaps try a more -paperbased version next module because I want to be self-sustained. And post-OCA… what would help me most? clearly not an on-line log. I am not a native speaker – so I also take this opportunity to see what I can do with the English language. long story… just to say I get you!

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    1. I think as textile students, we are obviously drawn to touch. When I make, I use my hands, and writing with my hands and a pen feels, for me, more intuitive with my thoughts – at least my immediate ones – than typing does. I wonder if we were digital students (Web design, Games design, etc.) if this would affect my preference of writing over typing.

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  2. Thank you for sharing all this. I agree with Inger ‘ s comment…it’s a difficult choice and I suspect we will change and recycle systems as we progress through the course. (You have v neat handwriting too – that helps!! I didn’t go to those lessons ).


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